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Storm master restoration & Roofing

Not every home needs a new roof because of storm damage. Sometimes they just wear out and you decide it’s time you need a new roof. We can do this for you also.
We prefer to use Owens Corning Duration shingles. We prefer them because of the name and the quality that goes into them. The Sure-Nail Technology incorporated into the Duration shingle is also a favorite feature of ours. The mesh in the nailing strip produces extra holding power and makes your roof less susceptible to wind damage.

We apply three layers of protection in all your valleys. First, we install waterproof underlayment called ice & water shield. This is adhesive backed underlayment that sticks to the roof deck and seals around nail penetrations. Next we install a valley liner of 90# roll roofing. Finally, we do a closed cut style shingle installation as the last layer of protection.
We also install ice & water shield on the eaves and use synthetic underlayment. If it appears that your home is inadequately ventilated, we will also do a ventilation analysis and offer suggestions for improving your ventilation.
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